Student Rights and Responsibilities

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The Eugene School District's Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook sets forth the rights and responsibilities of students and the standards for student conduct as adopted by the Board of Directors of School District 4J, Eugene, Oregon. The widest possible distribution of this handbook to students and parents is required by Oregon State Law (ORS 339.240).

Students and parents are encouraged to read this handbook carefully and retain it for future reference. The italicized paragraphs that introduce each section describe existing conditions or laws. The paragraphs that follow outline the rights and responsibilities of all students who attend school in Eugene School District 4J.

The board of directors has delegated authority for the administration, application, and interpretation of these rules to the superintendent. Individual schools in the district have the authority to adopt and implement school rules to assist them in implementing the policies established in this handbook. No school, however, has the authority to modify these rules. Schools are responsible for distributing their rules, and students and parents are encouraged to become familiar with them.

Adopted by the Board of Directors June 20, 2012
Issued by Lane County School District No. 4J, Eugene, Oregon

4J Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, 2012 Revision:

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