G9120 - Personnel Files

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Human Resources will maintain the official, complete personnel files of employees (Board Policy GBL). Departments/buildings may also create and maintain employee files which contain duplicates of items in the personnel file and other information concerning the employee that would assist the supervisor in monitoring employee performance and in completing the employee's annual evaluation.

Access to personnel files is limited to authorized supervisory and management employees and those clerical employees responsible for maintaining the files. Personnel file information is not released to others without the written consent of the employee unless required by a court order. An employee may view his/her personnel file or department employee file in accordance with this policy

Employees shall receive copies of all information that is placed in their official personnel file. Supervisors should attempt to secure an employee's signature on any documents that reflect critically upon the employee's performance. The employee's signature confirms that the supervisor has discussed it with the employee and given a copy of the material to the employee. The employee’s signature does not indicate agreement or disagreement. If an employee refuses to sign a document, the supervisor shall write below the employee signature line: “Employee refused to sign" followed by the supervisor's signature.
Policy Category: 
G Personnel
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Director of Human Resources
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Helen Towle
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