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Welcome to the website documentation for Eugene School District 4J. This work-in-progress documents website features for 4J Staff. If you don't see a topic you're looking for, please let us know. Your feedback will help us prioritize what we create.

Documentation is divided into the following categories:

All Staff

Anyone with a 4J username and email address can log into the website to access additional features. The Staff section documents the features available to these users.


Contributors are the authors and editors of the site's content. They must have a 4J email address and must, in addition, be granted special privileges. The Contributor documentation is directed toward these users. 

Site Managers (aka UberEditors)

Authentication requried.
Site Managers, in addition having the privileges of site contributors, are able to manage user roles, site-wide menus, and other administrative features of the site.

System Administrators

Authentication requried.
System Administrators have secure shell access to the server and full administrative access to the site.