Middle School Schedule

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District is working to develop consistent schedule at middle schools

To support student learning and increase operational efficiency, Eugene School District 4J is working to align schedules at middle schools.

Having consistent schedules at all middle schools would be:

  • More fair. Students’ learning opportunities and time expectations for teachers would be more equitable.
  • More efficient. Having different schedules in our middle schools creates operational inefficiencies, increases costs, and makes it difficult to share staff between schools.
  • Better for students. Some students would receive more instructional time than they do now. Changing schools would be much easier for students who move, especially when the transition is mid-year. Advanced students would be better able to access courses at our high schools. 

The middle school schedule work group recommended a six-period trimester schedule. 

  • Trimester: All middle schools will be on a trimester schedule beginning in 2013–14. This will create some efficiencies and provide greater consistency for students moving to a different middle school. 
  • Six-period day: Of the district's eight middle schools, six schools already have six periods per day. The two schools that currently have a different schedule, Kelly and Roosevelt, will have the 2013–14 school year to process the change to a six-period schedule. It is possible that the transition will occur prior to fall of 2014, but that will be decided at each site. 

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