High School Schedule: Decision-Making Timeline

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To support student learning in our high schools and increase operational efficiency, 4J is working to align schedules at all high schools. 


Feb. 15, 2012

School board approves a recommendation to implement a common schedule at all 4J high schools by 2013–14

January–March 2012

Common schedule work group formed, with teachers and administrators from all 4J high schools. Work group meets to study different schedule options and develop a recommendation

March 5–9, 2012

Public input opportunities:

• Two community forums
• One staff forum
• Online survey

March 14, 2012

Work group recommends 3x5 schedule (3 trimesters, 5 class periods per day)

March 21, 2012

School board meeting canceled due to hazardous weather

April 4, 2012

Schedule recommendation presented to school board

April 11, 2012

School board votes to approve 3x5 trimester schedule

September 2012

Churchill on 3x5 trimester schedule

April 2012–Sept. 2013

North Eugene, Sheldon, South Eugene and International High School prepare to implement 3x5 schedule

September 2013

All high schools on 3x5 schedule