Monroe Middle School

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2800 Bailey Lane, Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 790-6300
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School Hours:
9:08 - 3:15
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Feeder Elementaries:
Buena Vista Holt High School Region: Sheldon
Mission Statement:
Together we will create a climate of safety, responsibility and respect, where individuals are encouraged and empowered to fulfill their potential as learners and as engaged and compassionate citizens in a diverse world.
Program Description:
Monroe is a school where academic achievement is valued by staff, students and parents. This is reflected in high Oregon state assessment scores. Monroe has a strong parent network that supports instruction and promotes a positive school climate. Along with a strong academic program, Monroe staff recognize the unique needs of early adolescent students and design developmentally appropriate instruction.
School Highlights:
  • Schoolwide focus on literacy
  • Spanish immersion middle-level program on-site
  • Schoolwide emphasis on student organization skills, peer mediation, WEB, student leadership programs and lunchtime mentorship program all help create a climate for learning and character development
  • Spanish and French elective classes, along with performing arts options such as orchestra, band, choir, drama and talent exhibitions
  • Specialized instruction for students who need extra assistance, including before-school resource time and after-school homework club
School Improvement Goals:
  • Student achievement: A commitment to high academic standards; meet the needs of all students and close the achievement gap; reinforce reading, writing and study skills
  • Student achievement: Provide students with a variety of exploratory experiences that offer initial exposure to the arts, and provide for the possibility of an increasing involvement in these areas
  • School climate: Provide consistent schoolwide policies and procedures that teach and promote safe, respectful and responsible behavior; provide for guidance activities to enhance growth and development
  • School climate: Provide social and physical activities appropriate to the needs of middle school students, emphasizing cooperation, participation, and respect for individual differences

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