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School Hours:
8:55 - 3:20
Early Release: Wednesdays 8:55 - 2:20
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High School Region: Churchill
Mission Statement:
Family School provides a caring, respectful atmosphere that promotes high academic achievement through cooperative, project-based learning that involves all ages working and playing together kindergarten through 8th grade.
Program Description:
Family School embraces child-centered, developmental learning that involves families, students and teachers working together in a multi-age setting. Our multi-grade classrooms support strong academic achievement. The wide range of skills and abilities in a blended classroom nurtures the whole child through peer modeling and cooperation. The project-based curriculum is flexible and adapted to meet the needs of our students, allowing each student to progress at her/his own pace.
School Highlights:
  • Strong academics: Emphasis on literature-based language arts, hands-on math, science and social studies, integrated with multicultural themes
  • Explorations: Multi-age, daily choice classes blending 1–5 grades in topics such as art museum, origami, technology, clay play, etc.
  • 4th/5th-grade mentorship program: Pairing students with community members to learn about professions, arts and services; Outdoor School in alternate years
  • Peer mediation program: Students working in teams to problem-solve with their peers on the playground and other settings at school
  • Title I school: Providing supplemental academic support for individuals in small group settings or one on one
School Improvement Goals:
  • Continue to maintain high academic achievement for all students in all academic areas, while staying true to a developmental model
  • Learn from each other, treat each other with respect and integrity
  • Prioritize improvement of reading and writing skills for all students
Other Information:
Family School’s 6th–8th grade program continues the child-centered focus of the elementary grades while guiding students through the challenges of middle school. Our three-period block of classes combines literature, language arts and social studies skills and concepts with the expressive arts. Through this literature-based program, students are expected to evaluate the world around them and clearly communicate their understanding of themselves, others, and each individual’s responsibility to their community. • • • Family School, "From Roots to Wings."
School Colors:
Purple and Green

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