Charter Schools

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The Eugene School District has granted charters to four public charter schools:

• Coburg Community Charter School (grades K–5): 541-344-4113,
• Network Charter School (grades 7–12): 541-344-1229,
• Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School (grades K–8): 541-681-9662,
• The Village School (grades K–8): 541-345-7285,

Charter schools are schools that receive public funds under a written agreement — a charter — that outlines student performance goals and educational services the public charter school will provide. Charter schools are independent legal entities governed by their own board of directors, and are excluded from many state statutes and rules (for example, only half of a charter school's teachers must be certified by the state). They must provide an equitable enrollment opportunity for any interested students.

The school district granting the charter is responsible for monitoring the charter school to see that the school:

  • Meets the terms of an approved charter, or any provision of law;
  • Meets student performance requirements stated in the charter;
  • Corrects any violation of federal or state law;
  • Maintains insurance as described in the charter; and
  • Maintains financial stability.

If a charter is terminated, the sponsoring school district must give the public charter school at least 60 days notice prior to termination, unless the safety or health of students is endangered. The charter school may then appeal to the school district and the State Board of Education.