Camas Ridge Community School

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1150 East 29th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403

(541) 790-8800
Fax: (541) 790-8805
Kathy Owen <>
Diane Dugan <>
School Hours:
8:00 - 2:10
Early Release: Wednesdays 1:10
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Middle School Region: Roosevelt
Spencer Butte
High School Region: South Eugene
Mission Statement:
Wonder, Explore and Grow.
Program Description:
Our morning focus is the core instruction of language arts and math. Three days a week we have Community Time in grades 1–5 to provide an opportunity for social problem solving, caring, sharing and decision making in a multi-age setting. Four days a week we have a project block in which students investigate open-ended questions and apply their knowledge to produce authentic work. Projects further develop, extend and enhance core skills and include community-based activities. We also partner with local artists and community resources to provide music, theater, video, fine arts, culinary arts and creative writing/poetry. Our core values are: Inclusive and Welcoming, Respectful and Compassionate, Creative and Scholarly and Safe
School Highlights:
  • A kindergarten program using developmentally appropriate practices that is tailored to meet the needs of students as they enter elementary school life
  • Focus on the school as a community and as a part of the larger community
  • Active and involved parent group committed to supporting teachers and students, and to maintaining a strong volunteer presence
  • Technology is integrated into our program with five wireless computer systems; a computer ratio of 1 to every 2.5 students; classes also have SMART Boards and document cameras
  • After-school fee based enrichment activities (e.g. Spanish, chess, nature education, choir, garden club) allow students to connect to school, increasing the opportunity for student success
School Improvement Goals:
  • To increase learning for all students in the area of literacy, as measured by Oregon state assessment tests and school-based curriculum measures
  • To increase learning for all students in the area of mathematics, as measured by Oregon state assessment tests and school-based curriculum measures
  • To create a safe and inviting environment that promotes and supports student learning
Other Information:
Our mission is supported by the following key components: Creating a learning community dedicated to academic success, responsibility and lifelong learning; parents, staff, students and community form a partnership for success; individual worth, diversity and the role of all ages is key to creating a community; valuing learning opportunities that are inquiry based, art and project-organized; creating a caring environment that enhances self worth and responsible decision making; preparing students to appreciate and contribute to a global society.
School Colors:
Baby Blue and Lavender

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