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Eugene School District cafeterias uses a program called Mealtime for their students.

You can go to mealtime online to check your Student's account, to pay for meals, and more


REMEMBER, you can always drop off a check and pay for your student's meals at the cafeteria.  You can pay online for your meals at the link below, however this is just an OPTION for convenience.  If you choose to pay online, there is a convenience fee that is passed along to you from the credit card company, however when you pay at the school by cash or check there is no convenience fee associated with payment


Click HERE to go to Mealtime Online


UPDATED 7/11/2012


Elementary Breakfast$1.25
Middle School Breakfast$1.50
High School Breakfast$1.75
Reduced price Breakfast: Category was eliminated in 2009, so everyone that qualifies for reduced breakfast, is FREE
Elementary Lunch$2.75
Middle School Lunch$3.00
High School Lunch$3.25
Reduced Price Lunch all levels$0.40

Adult Breakfast:  $3.50

Adult Lunch: $4.00

ala carte Milk: $0.50 cents