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Lunch and Breakfast Menus


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Elementary Nutrient Analysis for lunch & breakfast coming soon.

Middle School Nutrient Analysis for lunch & breakfast coming soon.

High School Nutrient Analysis for lunch & breakfast coming soon.



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                                    Check out our "RAINBOW OFFERING BAR"

       We have what people call "salad bars" in each of our cafeterias.  We like to call them "rainbow offering bars." 

They have all of the colors of the rainbow on a given day or week.  The only items on the bar that aren't fresh are items like beans, which we need for protein, and some local frozen or dried berries, as well as a few canned fruits.


On an average month we serve 75-80% fresh fruits and veggies.  In the winter months this mix is lower due to availability of fresh produce. 


Here is what we have on our bar for this Month:


For a look at our last Oregon Department of Education Audit (SMI-School Meals Initiative) where they look at our menu and our ingredients to ensure we meet or exceed the USDA guidelines, click HERE

Specific Ingredients of What's In Our Menu:

UPDATED January 7, 2011.  Will update yearly or as needed.

                                     Click on each row and download a packet of everything listed

 Breads, Grains, Rice, Pasta  Breadsticks & Pizza crust
part 1/2   part 2/2
   Breads: Franz & Rich'spart 1/1
  Pasta, Noodles & Rice Productspart 1/2  part 2/2
                        Tortilla, Taco Shells & Pitaspart 1/1
  Sides, Misc Productspart 1/1
 Meats & Meat ProductsChickenpart 1/2  part 2/2

part 1/3 part 2/3

part 3/3

  Beefpart 1/2  part 2/2
  Misc: Pork, Fish & Tofupart 1/2  part 2/2
 Dairy, Cheese & EggsCheese & Cheese Productspart 1/2  part 2/2
  Eggpart 1/1
  Misc Dairypart 1/2  part 2/2
 Fruits & VegetablesFresh Fruits & Veggies

part 1/3  part 2/3

part 3/3

  Frozen Fruits & Veggies

part 1/3  part 2/3

part 3/3

  Canned Fruits & Veggies

part 1/4  part 2/4

part 3/4  part 4/4

 CondimentsCondimentspart 1/2  part 2/2
 Seasonings & Spices
Seasonings & Spices

part 1/6  part 2/6

part 3/6  part 4/6

part 5/6  part 6/6

  Baking Ingredientspart 1/1
  Sauces, Bases & Flavorings

part 1/5  part 2/5

part 3/5  part 4/5

part 5/5

  Juice, Oil & Vinegarpart 1/2  part 2/2
 Breakfast EntreesPremade Entreespart 1/2  part 2/2
  Breadspart 1/2  part 2/2
  Cerealspart 1/1