4J School Cafeterias Feature Fresh and Local Foods

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Did You Know? 

• Our schools' weekly menus are carefully planned to meet nutrition guidelines set by the USDA. 4J has an extensive Wellness Policy in place that guides healthy food offerings outside the cafeteria, as well.

• An all-you-can-eat daily offering bar is included with every cafeteria meal, featuring a variety of fresh produce and other healthy foods. 

• Eugene schools serve many items that come from Oregon farms. Recent examples include Oregon-grown apples, potatoes, radishes, onions, pears, cranberries, corn and marionberries.

Camas Ridge Elementary student with school garden produceOur fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered from local Lane County farms by Emerald Fruit and Produce, and Organically Grown Company. When available, some produce can even be purchased from school gardens.

• If local options are not available, we get regional items from Duck Produce, a produce supplier that was the first U.S. food distributor to earn the non-profit Food Alliance's certification for sustainable business practices.

• Every year, 4J school menus highlight several different items from Lane County farms as the "Harvest of the Month." Last year's highlighted produce selections included tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries from Thistledown Farm, strawberries from Hentze and Johnson’s Farm, and Braeburn apples from Detering Orchards.

Efforts to provide healthy, local foods don't end with fruits and vegetables. For example, our milk is rBST free and comes from dairy farms all over the Willamette Valley. Our bread, dinner rolls, hamburger and hot dog buns, and english muffins are all 100% whole wheat and are baked at the Franz Bakery in Springfield.

Fresh Fruit & Veggie Program

Did you know three of our schools qualify for this unique program that serves FREE fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks.  Read more about the program HERE.

Harvest of the Month 

Brought to you by Sodexo and Willamette Farm & Food Coalition's Farm to School Program.

Each month we highlight some of the local growers' items that are served in our cafeterias.   


This Month's Selection!  


Local Carrots from Jonson Farms ! 


UPCOMING FORECAST: (Please note, this schedule is subject to change based on availability.)





 Sep  Thistledown Farms
October  Kiwi Berries
 Oct  Green Gable Gardens
November  Carrots  NOV  Johnson Farms
December  Kiwi  DEC  Green Gable Gardens
January  Apples  JAN  Wildrose Apple Farm
February  Dried Pinto Beans for Chili  FEB  Hunton's Farm
March  Red Potatoes  MAR  Wong Potato Farm
April  Pears  APR  Truitt Bros.
May  Frozen Strawberries  MAY  Thistledown Farm
Upcoming Forecast: 
June  Fresh Strawberries
 June  TBA







 Green Beans
 Sep  Thistledown Farms
SPECIAL Sep.  Kiwiberries  Sep  Greengable Gardens
October  Apples  Oct  Wild Rose
November  Carrots  Nov  Hentze Farm
SPECIAL Nov.  Harvest Celebration  Harvest  Various Farms
December  Kiwis  Dec  Greengable Gardens
January  Kiwis  Jan  Greengable Gardens
February  Dried Pinto Beans for Chili  Feb  Hummingbird Farms
February  Mushrooms  Feb  Yamhill County Mushrooms
 Strawberries  Mar  Thistledown Farms
April  Potatoes  Apr  Wong Potato Farm
May  Black Beans  May  Truit Bros.
June  Spring Lettuce Mix
 June  Hey Bales Farms

Marionberries, peaches, blueberries, lemon cucumbers, strawberries


Thistledown Farm, Hentze Farms,      Fern View Farm






Tomatoes Sep Thistledown farm
October Radishes Oct Cal Farms
Marionberries Nov Columbia Fruit
Cranberries Dec Clearwater Cranberries
Apples Jan Detering Orchards
Red Skin Potatoes Feb Tualatin Valley Potato
Strawberries Mar Thistledown Farms
Apr Norpac
Raspberries May Thistledown Farms
Bok Choy
June Aurora Farms
SUMMER PROGRAM Blueberries July Thistledown Farms
SUMMER PROGRRAM Bok Choy Jul-Aug Thistledown Farms