In-District Transfers

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In-district transfers are appropriate for students who live with their parents within 4J boundaries but want to request to attend a school other than their neighborhood school. Transfers are different from exchanges, which are for students who want to attend a 4J school but whose parents live outside 4J school district boundaries.

School choice (transfer) requests are accepted for the following school year after the first working day in January. When schools have limited openings, transfers will be granted based on a lottery which takes place in early April. School choice request forms received by the due date — typically the third Friday in March — will be included in the school choice lottery. Transfer requests received after the lottery deadline may be accommodated if there is space available; otherwise the student will be placed at the end of the school's waiting list. Some grades within a school may be closed before the transfer process takes place due to a full enrollment.

Once a student has been enrolled in a 4J school on a transfer, the transfer will remain valid until the student completes that school level or moves out of the school district's boundaries. That is, students do not need to submit a school choice request form each year to continue at a school they are currently attending on a transfer.  However, students must submit a school choice request and participate in the lottery upon changing school levels (from elementary to middle school or from middle to high school) if the new school they wish to attend is not their neighborhood school.  An exception is that students moving to the next level in a language immersion program do not need to submit a school choice request.

Transportation is the responsibility of the family.

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