International Students

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Students can attend the four major high schools: South Eugene, North Eugene, Churchill, and Sheldon. The office is located at 200 N. Monroe St., Instruction Dept.

Administrator: Lisa Hollingsworth - 541-790-7553

The depth of International understanding is enhanced by the presence of International students in the schools of Eugene 4J School District. The value of this contribution, however, must be weighed against the marginal cost of educating each additional student, which is primarily assigned to local tax payers. For this reason, restrictions must be placed on the number of high school aged students permitted to enroll on a tuition free basis. A basic quota of 32 students has been established by the board of directors. A student in an exchange program will not be included in the international student quota if there is a direct exchange between a student from District 4J and an International country. The length of attendance time is one year (1).