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About interdistrict exchanges:

Out-of-district transfer applications for the 2013–14 school year were due April 1, 2013. Now that the deadline has passed, students who wish to transfer to a 4J school must have the permission of both 4J and the school district where they reside. For Bethel or Springfield exchange requests, please contact Lisa Hollingsworth at For other out-of-district exchange requests, please contact your resident district.

An exchange occurs when a student in another school district wants to attend a 4J school and a student who resides in 4J wants to attend a school in the same school district. A one-for-one exchange is made in order to avoid out-of-district tuition to either student.

Out-of-district students who are granted an exchange may state a preference for one or more 4J schools. School placement requests are handled on a space-available basis; students who live within the district's boundaries have priority for these spaces. Students currently enrolled in a 4J School who apply for an exchange will receive priority at their current school.

If a student moves from Eugene School District 4J to another school district after February 1, he/she may continue to attend 4J until the end of that school year but must apply for an out-of-district transfer before the deadline for the following school year. If a student misses the deadline, they must reapply for an exchange with their resident district.