Human Resources Overview

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Dr. Celia Feres-Johnson


 Who to call or email in Human Resources



Employee Self-Service is Operational

You can:
Review your Leave Balances
View your Pay Checks
View your Current Benefits
• Update Work Phone/Email

To get started, click the link below:

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The mission of the Human Resources Department is to support our students by providing the information and support needed to hire, develop, and retain qualified employees who model organizational values and contribute to the attainment of the District’s goals, to maintain employee-employer relationships which are positive, productive, ethical, and legal; and, to protect the District’s employees, property, and finances from avoidable loss.




Provide value-added HR programs focused on impacting learning and educational achievement of all students. Provide streamlined processes and HR best practices in support of HR programs. Exhibit the highest level of professionalism and commitment in serving past, present, and prospective employees of the District.

 Who to call or email in Human Resources