Request for Proposals

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Architectural Services for Four New (Replacement) Schools


Request for Proposals – including project description, scope of services, contract requirements, submittal requirements, selection process, miscellaneous provisions, and certification and contract offer

Attachment A – Elementary School Education Specs & Architectural Program (2002)

Attachment B – Middle School Education Specs & Architectural Program (2003)

Attachment C – Elementary School Floor Plans & Aerial Photos – Bertha Holt & César Chávez

Attachment D – Middle School Floor Plans & Aerial Photos – Madison & Cal Young

Attachment E – Project Schedule

Attachment F – Site Concept Drawings

Attachment G – Draft Agreement 


Pre-proposal meeting attendees – The district held a pre-proposal meeting for architects and engineers to ask questions about the projects or about the proposal process. A total of 45 participants attended. The meeting was an optional opportunity; participants do not represent all potential proposers. 


Proposals were due June 14, 2013, at 12 noon. Proposals must be mailed or delivered; they will not be accepted by fax or email.