Kendall "Drive For Education" Supports Eugene Schools

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Local business Kendall Toyota will donate $1,000s each month

Drive For Education, a new partnership between Kendall Toyota and the 4J and Bethel school districts, is gearing up to generate substantial support for Eugene schools.

Kendall's Amy Newport and Shanley Skillern present a check to Bethel and 4J superintendents Colt Gill and Shelley Berman.Kendall's generous contributions will provide $12,000 to 4J each month during the school year. That money will be used in part for a much-needed update to high school mathematics curriculum materials. State mathematics standards are changing; the new materials will help teachers better prepare students to meet the different, more rigorous new requirements and get ready for college math. 

Also, individual 4J and Bethel schools will have the opportunity to compete to earn additional funds. Kendall will distribute over $12,000 each quarter to individual schools based on the number of points they earn through Facebook likes, dealership visits, sales and service, and test drives at Kendall Toyota.

To learn more about the new partnership, visit Kendall Drive For Education.