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August 2011 Request for Letters of Interest 
2010–2011 Request for Proposals (RFP Process) 
Property Information 
School District Documents 
Related School Board Policies 


August 2011 Request for Letters of Interest

Request for Letters of Interest — Lease of the Civic Stadium Property (Packet)
In August 2011 the Eugene School District solicited letters of interest from organizations or individuals interested in leasing Civic Stadium or purchasing an option to lease for a period of up to three years. One letter of interest was received. The superintendent decided not to move forward with a short-term lease at this time.


2010–2011 Request for Proposals (RFP) Process 

RFP / Request for Proposals — Acquisition of the Civic Stadium Properties 
The district issued a request for proposals to purchase, lease, or trade for the Civic Stadium property. Proposals were accepted between October 1, 2010, and February 1, 2011.

Proposals Received:

Ballpark Village – Eugene YMCA – Eugene, Oregon
New YMCA facility and an off-campus student housing neighborhood
Eugene YMCA Proposal
Answers to Board Questions 

Civic Village – Master Development, LLC & Powell Development Co. – Eugene, Oregon
Mixed-use development with stores, restaurants, residential apartments, and neighborhood gathering place
Master/Powell Revised Proposal (Original) •
Answers to Board Questions 

Civic Stadium – Save Civic Stadium – Eugene, Oregon
Rehabilitation of the stadium and conversion into a multipurpose sports and entertainment venue
Save Civic Stadium Proposal
Answers to Board Questions

Proposal Comparison: Final Offer Revenue Calculations   

Superintendent's Recommendation 

School Board Decision: In June 2011, the Eugene School Board decided to decline the offers from Save Civic Stadium, YMCA and Master and Powell Development to purchase or lease Civic Stadium on a long-term basis. In July, the superintendent was authorized to pursue the possibility of a short-term lease.


Property Information:

Civic Stadium As-Built Drawings
Download and unpack this zip file to access dozens of maps, diagrams, drawings, aerial photos and other documents dating from 1938 to 2008.

Civic Stadium Site Surveys
Surveys of the Civic Stadium property from 1969 and 1999. 

Recent Boundary Survey
Boundary survey of Civic Stadium properties, completed in October 2010. A copy of the AutoCAD file is available upon request; please email your request to

Asbestos Information and Survey Report

Preliminary Title Report and Attachments

Aerial Image of Property
An aerial image of the Civic Stadium property and surrounding lots, with boundaries marked and labeled.

Needs Projection Estimate
A needs projection, completed in October 2009 by construction trade members of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce, found that it would require approximately $10.2 million to bring Civic Stadium to current building code compliance and minor league baseball requirements.


School District Documents:

Proposed Findings of Fact 
Staff presented this report to the school board on May 19, 2010.  The findings state why the district no longer needs the property, zoning and land use restrictions on the property, and community input received to date.

Consultants' Disposition Options
The district's real estate consultant team undertook an analysis of the Civic Stadium property and Eugene's real estate market, and in February 2010 presented to the school board an array of options for the stadium and adjacent properties.

Consultants' Recommendation
The district's real estate consultant team recommended that the school district sell the Civic Stadium property through a Request for Proposal process, and sell two nearby residential parcels separately. However, the district's superintendent recommended and the school board decided that the residential parcels would be retained to allow them to be included in any proposals submitted through an RFP process.

Superintendent's Recommendation and Rationale
Three proposals were received in response to the district's RFP. Superintendent George Russell on May 18 recommended that the school board move forward with a proposal from Master Development LLC and Powell Development Co.

Community Input:
Summary of Comments From Community Meeting (Feb. 25, 2010)
Summary of Responses to Online Comment Form  (Mar. 5, 2010)


Related School Board Policies: 

Real Property Management 
Board Policy DFD defines how property should be classified as "in use," "reserve," or "surplus." Surplus property (property which is not needed to support the educational program or for a definable future district use) shall be managed to maximize the financial return to the district while taking potential community benefit into consideration. This policy also lays out objectives for the district's real property management.

Land Use Decisions 
The district's process for making decisions about the purchase, lease or sale of properties is spelled out in Board Policy FB.

Disposition of Property 
Board Policy DFDB states that the board's process for any long-term lease or sale will include public involvement and board approval of the criteria to be used in the disposition. It also notes that preference may be given to other public agencies.