Civic Stadium

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Aerial view of Civic Stadium and surrounding properties

Civic Stadium, located near East 20th Avenue and Willamette Street in Eugene, has been owned by Eugene School District 4J since its construction in 1938. The stadium and nearby property (acquired between 1938 and 1941) are not needed for educational purposes and have been designated as surplus property since 2002.

Recent History

In 2010, after considering and disposing of several other surplus properties in recent years, the Eugene School Board turned its attention to Civic Stadium. The board considered public input and decided that the time had come to find a new owner or developer for the property, rather than continuing to own and maintain the baseball stadium.

Interested parties were invited to submit proposals describing their plans for the property and offering terms of purchase, long-term lease or property trade. Proposals were submitted by Save Civic Stadium, Eugene YMCA, and Master Development LLC & Powell Development Co.

In June 2011, the school board voted 4–3 to decline all three offers. The four board members who voted to reject the proposals cited the importance of their neighborhood impact, community impact, financial viability, traffic issues and other factors. 

In July 2011, the superintendent was authorized to pursue the possibility of a short-term lease and received one letter of interest, but decided not to move forward with a short-term lease at that time.

In the fall of 2012 the district began a community conversation about how to prioritize needs and when to replace or renovate buildings that no longer serve our students well. All 4J facilities, including reserve and surplus properties such as Civic Stadium, were included in these discussions about long-range facilities planning. A consultant proposed building a new Roosevelt Middle School at the Civic Stadium site; however, that idea was set aside after public input and board discussion. Roosevelt will be rebuilt on its current site.

What's Next:

The school board expects to reopen the discussion about Civic Stadium later this year. The earliest it would be on the agenda would be August 2013. 


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