Elementary School Calendar 2013–14

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Please check your school's calendar for additional important dates, such as parent conference days.


First Semester

Sept.2(M)No School — Labor Day 
Sept.3–9(Tu–M)No School — School Improvement/Planning Days
Sept.10(Tu)Classes Begin
Oct.11(F)No School — State In-Service Day 
Nov.11(M)No School — Veterans Day
Nov.25–27(M–W)No School — Budget Reduction/Unpaid Furlough Days
Nov.28–29(Th–F)No School — Thanksgiving Break  
Dec.6(F)No School — Professional Development/Planning Day
Dec.23–Jan 3
(M–F)No School — Winter Break 
Jan.6(M)No School — Budget Reduction/Unpaid Furlough Day
Jan.7(Tu)Classes Resume
Jan.20(M)No School — Martin Luther King Jr. Day 
Feb.7(F)No School — Semester Grading Day 

Second Semester

Feb.10(M)Second Semester Begins  
(M)No School — Presidents Day     
Mar.14(F)No School — Professional Development/Planning Day  
Mar.24–28(M–F)No School — Spring Break
Mar.31(M)No School — Budget Reduction/Unpaid Furlough Day  
(Tu)Classes Resume

No School — Budget Reduction/Unpaid Furlough Days
May23(F)No School — Budget Reduction/Unpaid Furlough Day  
No School — Memorial Day 
No School — Grading/Parent Conference Day 
June17(Tu)Possible Last Day for Students (Early Release)  
June18(W)Possible Grading/Conference Day (No School)  
June19(Th)Budget Reduction/Unpaid Furlough Day  
June19–23(Th–M)Possible Hazardous Weather Makeup Days

NOTE: Each elementary school may schedule up to five (5) early release days or up to two (2) full days for parent conferences.