Building 4J's Future: Documents & Materials

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Materials related to the decision-making process for updating the district's long-range facilities plan


Old school building imageNew school building imageSchool Board Documents

Board Meeting Feb. 20, 2013:
Agenda and Materials 
Approved Recommendations 
• Audio Recording 

Board Meeting Feb. 13, 2013: 
• Superintendent's Final Recommendations
  - One-Page Overview  
  - Complete Recommendations  

Audio Recording

Work Session Feb. 6, 2013:
• PIVOT Architecture analysis of renovation vs. rebuilding
 - Report on Facilities 
 - Report Appendix 
 - Presentation Slideshow 

• Audio Recording 

4J school building ageBoard Meeting Jan. 23, 2013, including public hearing: 
Audio Recording  

Board Meeting Jan. 9, 2013: 
Superintendent's Preliminary Recommendations 
Audio Recording 

Work Session Dec. 19, 2012: 
Audio Recording 

Work Session Dec. 12, 2012:
Audio Recording 

Work Session Dec. 5, 2012:
Audio Recording 

Work Session Nov. 14, 2012:
• Cost Estimates & Site Diagrams (not final designs)
  Current Roosevelt Site  |  Civic Stadium Site
Audio Recording

Work Session Oct. 25, 2012:
• Board Members’ Input  
Audio Recording 


Informational Handouts

Overview / Why Talk About Replacing or Renovating Schools  
School Building Age & Condition  
Consultant's Starter Recommendations  


Public Input 

4J school building condition Forum Wall Chart Comments:
Sept. 27 at Chávez  
Oct. 1 at North Eugene 
Oct. 4 at Cal Young   
Oct. 10 at Roosevelt 

Online Input Form:
Online Comments (116 pages) 


Consultant's Report & Starter Recommendations 

Handout: MGT's Starter Recommendations  
Report: MGT Assessment & Recommendations Report  
Go Deep: MGT Report Appendices (400 pages)  
Slideshow: MGT Report Presentation 


Historical Documents

2002 Long-Range Facilities Plan  


More Information

• Board Decisions  
• Timeline 
• Public Input   
• Why Replace or Renovate Schools?