J1500.01 - Administrative Procedures for School Choice

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  1. Parents who desire to enroll their children in a District 4J school outside their neighborhood attendance area must complete a School Choice Request and submit it to the 4J Instruction Department (for grades K–12)
  2. School Choice requests, to be effective the next school year, must be submitted to the Instruction Department before spring break.
  3. Requests for School Choice for the current school year may be submitted at any time.
  4. The student’s parent or guardian must sign the requests. Request forms are available at each school office and the Eugene School District 4J Office of Instruction, 200 North Monroe Street, Eugene OR.


  1. First priority will be given to students who are enrolled in a neighborhood school but whose parents have moved to the attendance area of another District 4J school.
  2. Second priority will be given to a student whose sibling is already enrolled in a school and will be co-enrolled during the coming school year.
  3. Third priority will be given to all other students who will be selected for placement on the waiting list by lottery, with the following exception: Priority will be given to students who qualify for free or reduced meals, and are applying to elementary schools that are below the district average for free or reduced meals. Selections using this priority will take place on an alternating basis. “Alternating basis” shall mean priority will take place with alternating selections between the two separate lists of free or reduced qualified students and all other students, but first selecting one name from one list and then one name from the other, beginning with the top of the lists. For Free/Reduced qualified students to be included in the lottery, a complete Parental Permission to Disclose Free/Reduced Meal Qualification form must be attached to the application. This waiver form allows the district to use individual free/reduced student information to identify the student for special priority.
  4. A new lottery will be conducted each year, no later than the second Friday in March.


Students with Disabilities-Special Education/Section 504 in School Choice Process

1.    Parents of special education students and Section 504 students may apply to transfer their student to a school other than their neighbor­hood school or the school listed on the student’s IEP or Section 504 plan, as allowed by the district’s School Choice policy.

If a student with a disability is accepted through school choice, his or her position on the list will be held at the choice school until the district has objectively determined whether the choice school can provide appropriate special education and related aids and services for the student, and there is space in the program. If the Special Education program does not have space or the student’s IEP or Section 504 plan cannot be implemented at the choice school, the student will be denied transfer into that choice school. If necessary, an IEP or Section 504 meeting may be convened to determine if the student’s IEP or Section 504 plan can be implemented at the choice school.

2.    The parents of a student with disabilities (special education and Section 504), who attends a school other than their neighborhood school on a School Choice transfer, must provide their own transportation.


School Choice in neighborhood Schools may be revoked by the Chief Academic Officer or designee if:

  1. The student shows a pattern of violating school rules and regulations.
  2. The student does not meet specific written conditions of the request.
  3. The information on the request form is falsified,
  4. The student has irregular attendance or chronic tardiness.


  1. Families and students must reside in Eugene School District 4J to be included in the lottery or placed on a waiting list.
  2. Exchange students can be placed in the lottery in they have a current exchange and are attending a 4J school.
  3. Sibling priority is given after the co-enrolled sibling has attended a school for an academic year.
  4. Siblings must reside in the same household in a family relationship.
  5. Students receiving Free/Reduced priority must qualify for free and reduced lunch at the time of school choice application and enrollment.
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J Students
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Chief Academic Officer
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Carl Hermanns
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