I9500 - Fund Drives

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Charitable Fund Drives
School-related charitable fund-raising campaigns shall be under the supervision of the building principal or designee in cooperation with the staff and students.  All such drives must meet the following provision:

  1. Charitable fund drives may be conducted throughout the year.  The principal or designee, prior to granting approval, will consider the questions at Special Drives in reaching a decision on individual requests.    

Student Body Fund Drive

State statute requires that public schools admit students free of charge to the regular school program, and since fundraising activities may have potential negative organizational and public relations ramifications, all such activities must be carefully planned and conducted.  Any fund-raising drives conducted for the purpose of supporting student body activities must have prior approval of the principal or designee.  The principal or designee shall consider the questions at Special Drives in reaching a decision on individual requests.

Special Drives

  1. Will the money be used to support approved programs?
  2. Are the potential benefits from the drive worth the time and effort it will require?
  3. Will the drive unreasonably disrupt the regular instructional program?
  4. Do activities related to the fund drive properly consider the health and safety of students?
  5. Will the fund drive be conducted on campus or in the larger community?
  6. Does the fund drive have the general support of those who will be involved (students, staff, and parents?)


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I Instruction
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Chief Financial Officer
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Phillip Scrima
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