I9210.01 - Testing Administration Procedures (Oregon Statewide Assessment)

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  1. One licensed staff member at each building unit will be designated by the principal as the School Test Coordinator.  (This person may be licensed staff or building administrator.)  The designate will serve as a contact person with the District Test Coordinator regarding testing matters and be responsible for coordinating the testing program within the building.
  2. School Test Coordinators will be trained in test administration and test security procedures.  It will be their responsibility to train and supervise individuals administering tests within buildings, and ensure that all staff involved with the Oregon Statewide Assessment will participate in required annual test security training. School Test Coordinators can opt to have training conducted through the district’s Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Regional Partner.
  3. Testing procedures as outlined in the most current Test Administration Manual provided by the Oregon Dept. of Education will be followed.
  4. Careful monitoring of the testing process will be carried out to ensure test security, and that optimal testing environments are created for all students.
  5. Use of practice tests to help familiarize students with the tests is encouraged. Use of appropriate and necessary accommodations/modifications listed in the Accommodation and Modification tables published by Oregon Department of Education (ODE) is encouraged.
  6. All material containing test items and answer keys will be treated with security procedures that will minimize inappropriate distribution of the items. Use of items from statewide assessments is strictly prohibited and constitutes a breach of security and possible loss of licensure.
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