I9100.01 - Research Policy

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It shall be the policy of School District 4J to encourage and participate in research and experimentation for the development and improvement of education.  Requests for research projects from agencies or individuals outside the district or from staff members within the district shall be submitted to the Instruction Department. Permission or denial to conduct such studies will be granted by supervising director of the Instruction Department or designee.

The following criteria shall be used in considering each request:

  1. The privacy and dignity of all individuals (i.e., student, teacher, principal, or parent) must be assured in any study.
  2. Each project must comply with federal and state laws.
  3. The study must not be detrimental, either physically or psychologically, to any of the participants.
  4. The proposal must contain full disclosure of the treatment to which the participants will be subjected. Procedures for maintaining confidentiality of students and staff, along with approval from the appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB), if applicable, is required.
  5. Preference will be given to studies that have direct application to the educational program or decision-making process of District 4J.  Proposals must describe the scope and significance of the study, anticipated start and end dates, along with copies of any survey or assessment instruments, protocols, and consent forms. 
  6. A balance will be maintained to assure that individuals (students or teachers) participate in a limited number of studies in any given year. Preference will be given to research that minimizes disruption to district, school, and classroom operation.
In any research project that originates outside the district, the participation of licensed, classified, administrative employees, and students shall be voluntary.

In studies initiated at the Education Center, full staff participation may be necessary and cooperation of all district personnel may be required.

Teachers shall be encouraged to participate in research and experimentation in the interests of the development and improvement of education. If a teacher plans to engage in a research project for use in classroom instruction, details shall be made known to and approved by the building principal.  If such a study results in material which would be useful to other teachers, it is recommended that it be made available for distribution throughout the district.
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I Instruction
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Chief Academic Officer
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Jim Conaghan
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