I8100 - Discipline of Students (Staff Authority)

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Authority and Responsibility of Staff

The following procedures relating to student disciplinary matters shall be followed in implementing board policies JFC and JG relating to student conduct and discipline and in administering the provisions of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook:

  1. A teacher who observes a student breaking a school rule, district rule, or otherwise behaving in an unacceptable manner shall take immediate steps to correct the situation.

    The disciplinary action of a teacher shall be reasonably related to the student behavior and shall be fairly and consistently administered.

    Actions of teachers may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. A teacher may retain a student after school if the parent has been given prior notice.  If the parent cannot be contacted on a particular day, the student will normally fulfill his or her obligation to meet after school the following day.
    2. A teacher or other licensed staff member may use reasonable physical restraint when, and to the extent that, he or she believes it necessary to maintain order or protect the safety of a student or staff member.  Any staff member using physical restraint shall inform the principal at once of such action and shall make an accurate written account to the principal within 24 hours or on the next working day.  A teacher may not use physical punishment.
    3. When in the judgment of the teacher a student's behavior is seriously disrupting the instructional program to the detriment of other students, the teacher may temporarily exclude the student from the classroom and refer him or her to the principal.  This means that an unruly student may be sent to the office or another prearranged location because of unacceptable behavior.  In such case, the principal shall arrange as soon as possible, and under normal circumstances not later than the conclusion of the following day, a conference to include the principal, the teacher, and, if appropriate, a specialist to discuss the problem and decideupon appropriate steps for its resolution.  Parents or guardians should be kept informed in cases of serious disciplinary problems caused by their children, and the parents may join in any conference involving discussions for resolving those problems.
  2. Any serious infraction of a rule or behavior which endangers the safety of a student or staff member, or which substantially disrupts a class, activity, or other school function, shall be reported immediately to the principal or assistant principal.  When a serious infraction has been reported which endangers others or substantially disrupts a class, the principal or designee shall take prompt steps to alleviate the problem.
    1. The principal will hold a conference with the unruly student, the teacher, and, if feasible and appropriate, the parent, to establish reasonable conditions for the student's readmission to the class.  The teacher or staff member reporting the misbehavior may be required to make a written report or describe the incident in the presence of the student and parent.
    2. The principal may seek assistance, if appropriate, from Educational Support Services, Instruction Services or responsible community agencies to explore options with the teacher, parent, and student in an effort to resolve the problem.
    3. Principals may suspend students using the formal discipline procedures set forth in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (see Disciplinary Procedures section). When a suspension is made, the principal must ensure the student
      and parent the procedural rights provided in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (see Appendix 1 Due Process Procedures for Out-of-School Suspension).
    4. Expulsion procedures, as defined in the Administrative Handbook, may be recommended by the principal when the above procedures have not significantly changed the disruptive behavior.  See Administrative Rule (J3400) Process for Expulsion
  3. The principal of each school has been authorized to take appropriate steps to assure an atmosphere which is conducive to learning and which provides for the safety and welfare of students and school personnel.  A designee shall be named by the principal to serve in his or her absence.  The principal may reassign a student or may involve a law enforcement agency if necessary to protect the safety or welfare of students or staff members.  The principal is responsible for establishing school procedures or guidelines which may be necessary to supplement the district policy and procedures.  School staffs, advisory councils, and students shall be invited to participate in the development of written procedures or guidelines.
  4. Teachers are responsible for supervising students assigned to them.  Teachers may use appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with district and school rules and guidelines.  Teachers are obligated to serve as part of the total school team to enforce school and district rules and share in the general supervision of the school.
  5. Any teacher involved in an assault and battery within the scope of his or her employment shall immediately make a written report of the circumstances.  The teacher shall make supplemental written reports, attaching copies of any summons, complaints, process, information indictment, notice or demand served on him or her in connection with such assault or battery within five (5) days after being served and shall report the final disposition of any such proceedings.  All reports referred to above shall be made to the teacher’s principal.

    Such reports will be forwarded immediately to the superintendent’s office.  In the event civil or criminal proceedings are brought against any teacher, the superintendent shall comply with any written requests by the teacher for information in the district’s possessions relating to his or her defense.  The district shall not be required to provide information privileged by law. 

    The district agrees to provide safe working conditions for teachers and to maintain order in the schools. 
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Deputy Superintendent
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