I7300 - Resident Outdoor School and Other Field Trips

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The following procedures have been developed for implementing school board policy IICA in reference to field and camp trips involving overnight outings and/or potential hazardous conditions such as water, forests, and high places.

  1. Provision for first aid and sickness shall be made by having in attendance a currently licensed nurse or a person holding current first aid certification.  If a nurse is not in attendance, approval of a responsible person with a first aid card must be given by the principal prior to the planned trip. 
  2. A contingency plan for emergencies, which includes parent notification and contact of ambulance service or other transportation, must be on file with the principal for each trip involving an overnight outing and/or hazardous conditions, as defined in the introductory statement.
Policy Category: 
I Instruction
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Deputy Superintendent
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Tom Henry
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